FREE TO RUN (Sun. Aug. 28 @ 6:30pm)

TICKETS: $25.00
Click to buy any number of tickets to this special event.


Bobbi+Gibb+1966Bobbi Gibb’s zest for life and natural curiosity show up in the many hats she wears: mother, scientific researcher for neurodegenerative diseases, attorney, athlete, author and speaker, to name a few. While many people know her as the first woman to run the Boston Marathon, few people know her as an artist.  Aside from running, she finds creative expression through her bronze and wax sculptures and acrylic paint murals

Bobbi grew up in Winchester and Rockport, MA. and spends part of the year in San Diego. For her art education, she attended the School of the Boston Museum of Fine Arts and has benefited from the teaching of Richard Gibney, Richard Reccia, and Walker Hancock.   Germain Glidden, the founder of the National Art Museum of Sport, says of her work, “She captures the human spirit in bronze.” Motivated by her love of nature and humanity, she seeks to create a more peaceful, harmonious, loving world that embraces a sustainable future. This philosophy is reflected throughout her work.

gibbsculptureHaving produced commissioned art for many decades, she now feels that it is time to share her art and so is beginning to exhibit publicly. She hopes that others will enjoy and be inspired by her art to appreciate the beauty that is everywhere around us and to celebrate the wonder of existence. 

In 2016, in honor of the 50th year of her run, Bobbi is sharing her lifetime wish for her artwork–to sculpt a life-size statue of a female runner and have it placed on the Boston Marathon Course. This very special up-close-and-personal evening benefits this effort, The Bobbi Gibb Marathon Sculpture Project.


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